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Report FIRST National TB Prevalence Survey.

Nigeria’s first National Tuberculosis Prevalence survey was concluded in November 2012 by the National TB & Leprosy Control programme. The survey aimed to determine the prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis (bacteriologically-confirmed; sputum smear and/ or culture positive) among the general population aged 15 years and above in Nigeria.

A total of 113,247 persons were considered for inclusion; of these, 77,797 (68.7%) were eligible for the survey in 70 clusters around the country. 44,186 persons (56.8%) partic- ipated in the survey, and of these 4,688 (10.6%) submitted sputum for examination. The average number of participants per cluster was 631 (with a range of 279-819). Female participation was higher (26,008 (59%)) compared to male participation (18,178 (41%)).

Survey design and overall methods followed the international recommendations of the WHO Global Task Force on TB Impact Measurement. All survey participants were screened through a symptoms interview and a chest x-ray examination. Participants with any symptom present suggestive of TB or radiological lesion(s) in the lung submitted two sputum specimens (one spot and one early-morning) that were examined by microscopy for acid-fast bacilli (AFB) and culture using solid media in three laboratories – the Nigeria Institute of Medical Research (NMIR), the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Training Centre (NTBLTC), and the Zankli Medical Centre in Abuja.

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