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Aquaculture has been growing at about 25 – 33 % per year since 2003 in Nigeria. This is evident in the level of intensity of catfish farming activity, which currently account for approximately 25% of the 110,000 tons of catfish consumed in the country annually. At present, farmed catfish market surpasses US$27 million per year (Graham and Susana, 2006), from many of the farms across Nigeria. However, despite this remarkable growth, many fish farms continue to stop production due to non-profitability of the operations as a result of high cost of inputs especially feeds and poor market price of products.

The current Transformation Agenda of Nigeria’s government in the context of the adopted policies of economic liberalisation along with divestment of public sector infrastructure and services in favour of private sector intervention necessitate the development of this strategic framework for aquaculture development in Nigeria. This is underpinned by a renewed emphasis on good governance as an essential part of the development of all sectors of the country’s economy. These policies require that Government shift from playing the role of investor and corporate manager to that of facilitator and regulator, civil society being in charge of developing the economy.

It is in this framework that the National Aquaculture Development Plan was authored. The aim of the Plan is therefore to suggest ways of developing sustainable aquaculture that achieves overall objectives of sustainable and profitable aqua-businesses with a growth of small- and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs);

The Plan activities were therefore designed for the attainment of these objectives based on the ‘PEST’ analysis, i.e. Political, Economic, Social and Technological considerations and grouped into six modules; Knowledge, Capacity Development, Roll Out, Partnership, Aquaculture Development Fund and Research.

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