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Tourism in Nigeria

The diverse cultural features of the country which is a manifestation of the socio-cultural differences of the over 250 ethnic groups that have inhabited the land for ages have attracted several international recognitions. Tourism in Nigeria centers largely on events, due to the country's ample amount of ethnic groups, but also includes rainforests, savannah, waterfalls and other natural attractions The tourism industry is regulated by the ministry of culture and tourism, a Nigerian government ministry. Some of the big cultural events with tourism potentials include: The Grand Durbar Festival and the famous Argungu Fishing Festival in the north, the Atilogwu Dancers and the New Yam Festival in the East; the boat Regatta in Lagos and Yenogoa; the Olofin Festival in Idanre, Ondo State; the Olojo Festival at Ile-Ife; the Oshun Festival in Osogbo, Osun State; Abuja, Calabar and Rivers carnivals among others.

The quest for ECO-TOURISM by travelers who are interested in exotic natural environment and passion for conservation efforts and observations of wildlife in natural setting has catalyzed the development of such attractions. Nigeria offers a wide variety of tourist attractions such as extended and roomy river and ocean beaches ideal for swimming and other water sports, unique wildlife, vast tracts of unspoiled nature ranging from tropical forest, magnificent waterfalls, some new rapidly growing cities and climatic conditions in some parts particularly conducive to holidaying. Other attractions include traditional ways of life preserved in local customs; rich and varied handicrafts and other colorful products depicting or illustrative of native arts and lifestyle, and the authentic unsophisticated but friendly attitude of many in the Nigerian population. Tourism investment atmosphere in Nigeria is now conducive given the abundant resources available, large market, enthronement of enduring democracy, and a package of incentive put together by government. Foreign investors and other interested individuals should take these advantages to invest in the Nigerian tourism industry for sustainability and profitable returns.

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