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FloodAlerts API for England and Wales

Shoothill’s FloodAlerts API for England and Wales

The flood service (and API) is based on technology developed by Shoothill.

The service provides secure programmatic access to the Environment Agency Flood data and returns this data in either XML or JSON formats. The service’s data is updated every 15 minutes and provides the following capabilities:

Current full list of Flood Alerts – all flood alerts in force by the Environment Agency
Current full list of Flood Alerts filtered by Severity – All flood alerts that are of a specific state. States include Severe, Warning and Alert.
Current Tile set ID for the current Flood Alerts Tile Layer – Provides access to a tile layer for use on Web mapping platforms. The tile layer shows the extent of the flood warnings currently in force.
Get Proximity Flood Alerts by Lat\Long\Radius – Gets current flood alerts that are within a certain distance from a supplied latitude and longitude.
Current List of Polygon IDs that are flooding – Gives a list of all currently in force flood polygons.
Get Static map of area being flooded by Lat\Long – Gets a static map of current flood alerts.
Request full Polygon set ID – Gets the Identifier of a group of Polygons that are currently flooding.

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Astronomy Weather Reports

Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather Reports

Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather Reports launched in 2012 and is the world’s first award winning astronomy weather app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, providing astronomy weather reports for anywhere in the world.

Scope Nights differs from many astronomy apps as it specialises in astronomy weather and concentrates on being a practical telescope and observatory planning aid. Scope nights also differs from many weather apps as it uses a unique combination of national and global night-time weather forecasts to compile stargazing ratings up to ten nights ahead, including dedicated astronomy weather settings allowing stargazing forecasts to be tailored to your observing requirements. With more advanced features and national stargazing forecasts to come in future updates, Scope Nights aims to be the goto weather app for stargazers worldwide.

Accurate weather data is taken direct from Met Office DataPoint so that forecast data such as weather type, cloud, wind, rain and humidity can be analysed and rated to show which nights will have the best stargazing conditions.

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Walkonomics – Find a Walkable Route

Find the most beautiful walking route between any two points in 7 cities:

  • Central London
  • Glasgow
  • Paris
  • New York
  •  San Francisco
  • Toronto
  • Buenos Aires

+ more on the way!

Walkonomics analyses over 1.7 million street trees and thousands of urban parks to find beautiful routes through tree-filled streets and parks. Research has shown that walking through streets with plenty of trees and parks increases feelings of happiness and reduces stress.

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