Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy
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About OpenData

What is the Open Data Portal (ODP)?

The Open Data Portal is an initiative by the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy in line with its E-Governance strategy and masterplan for Nigeria. It is a platform that allows Federal Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies to routinely publish non-sensitive datasets online in machine readable format for easy access by citizens and other interested stakeholders.

- Vision

To promote accountability, transparency and inclusiveness by regular release of government data, aligning to the Open Government policy direction.

- Mission

To provide a central repository of government datasets that has been classified as non-sensitive.

- Goals

To deepen citizen inclusion in governance, promote citizen’s engagement and participation in government through the availability of non-sensitive datasets online. Thereby bringing government closer to the citizens.

To ensure that information on government activities and services are readily available to citizens: to facilitate dialogue about effective governance, aid the ease of doing business and enable informed decision making by stakeholders.

To comply with proactive disclosure of information in line with the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2011.